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Your success with the “HEED” PLUS program requires you to make a commitment to yourself. How serious are you about transforming your life? The greater your desire to change, the greater your transformation will be. MAKE the COMMITMENT. START transforming your life TODAY!


I Commit To Do The Following:

Commit daily to eating healthier for 90 days.

Commit daily to exercising for 90 days.

Record my health, fitness, nutritional, and personal goals.

Record my before and after body measurements.

Take a before and after photograph.

Record daily my nutritional and beverage intake and mood.

Record daily my fitness activity level, mood, and comments.

Create daily a positive mindset by journaling in the morning and evening.

Create daily a healthier sleep cycle.

Submit weekly my nutritional and activity log to my Coach.

Report weekly to my Coach/Accountability Partner.

Submit an evaluation form upon my completion of the program.

Make this my Lifestyle.

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