Life Coach

The number of people taking advantage of the benefits of life coaching is rapidly increasing.  A 2012 global study conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers, an independent services organization, showed that both the number of clients and the number of coaching sessions per client are on the rise.  It is obvious that people all over the world understand the value of life coaching.

What is a life coach?

Most of us think of a coach in terms of sports.  Sports coaches teach, train, and encourage.  They pass on their wisdom and life experience to their players.  A life coach can be thought of in much the same way with one significant difference.  Life coaches focus on you, helping you along your individual life path.

Each of us has a personal journey.  Each of us needs different life coaches at different times.  You might be interested in a spiritual coach.  Perhaps you wish to focus on a specific area such as wellness or a career change.  No matter which, life coaches work with you so you can live your best life.

Top 10 Benefits

Another survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers recently asked the clients themselves how they had benefited from their life coaching experiences.  Here are their Top 10 benefits:

  1. Increased self-confidence, self esteem – A study by Grant of the University of Sydney, NSW, Australia found that life coaching also enhances a person’s mental health.  Combined, these three aspects create a strongly positive mindset – an important key to success.
  2. Better relationships – Life coaches help people gain clarity about their relationship “wants and needs” so they can build healthier relationships.
  3. Improved communication skills – Effective communication reduces misunderstandings and shortens the time it takes to make others understand what you need or want.
  4. Stronger interpersonal skills – From buying fruit to interviewing for a business loan, people skilled at interpersonal relations have the world as their resource.
  5. Enhanced work performance – Life coaching can contribute to a better and more satisfying work experience.
  6. Correct work/life balance – Very much an individual issue, it is often tricky arriving at the equilibrium that’s right for you.
  7. Greater wellness – Being well is more than taking medicine.  Life coaches work with their clients to create “do-able”, comprehensive plans.
  8. Wider career opportunities – These include options that were too frightening, those “out of one’s reach”, and areas that were not even considered but now seem so obvious.
  9. Effective organization and time management  – People feel they control their lives rather than their lives controlling them.
  10. Heightened team effectiveness –  Life coaching is also about groups and teams.  The same benefits that individuals can enjoy also apply to teams and groups.

 From spiritual life coaching to advising entrepreneurs about their new start-ups, the life coach-client team works together to clarify the client’s priorities.  The team puts things into perspective, reducing fears and overcoming obstacles.  Goals that were “impossible” now seem quite “do-able”.  Dreams that seemed not for this lifetime have suddenly floated down to earth and are within easy grasp.